New Client Bombshell Brows $40

New Client Bombshell Brows Tweezing Only $45

Bombshell Brows $28

Bombshell Brows Tweezing Only $33

Bombshell Brows and Lip Wax $33

Bombshell Brows, Lip & Chin Wax $43

Bombshell Brows & Face Wax $50


Christina will be on maternity leave starting July 1st. She will return October 1st.

​Dear Bombshells,

Curly & Coarse or Fair & Fine, we got the skills to give your brows a thrill!

We coax your eyebrows into the amazing arches they were always meant to be. Tired of stuffy, snooty salons? Brows in need of a sexy lil oomph? Do drop us a line honey!

PS: We weren't born with beautiful brows...these babies have been shaped, waxed, tweezed, trimmed, filled (the list goes on and on sugar, whew!) into submission. There is hope to make the most of what your mamma gave you, we promise!


Stephanie & Christina (Owners & Sisters)

The October eyebrow calendar will open online September 1st at 9am.